Life is Crazy.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of life and the day-to-day activities, forgetting about the big picture. When life is coming at you fast, it gets tough. Period. That’s why its so important to take some time, and step back. As difficult as it may seem, stepping away may be just the thing to get you re aligned to your vision. The big WHY?

Whats your WHY?

Why do you do what you do? It’s so important to answer this question. Until you know your why, you will always have a void. If you know your why, then recommit to it. Do this by some self care and reflection. Talk a walk, spend some time with a good friend, go do something that will completely remove the thought of the issues or stress. After you do this, you will be more able to deal with the pending situations and solve the problem with your why in mind.

Now take advantage of these new eyes and reconnect to what it is that makes you passionate about your why. Stoke the fire! Read a book about it, learn a new skill, or network with someone in your field. As anything, if you do not feed your passion, your why, it will atrophy and become rendered impotent. 

If your vision is solely to acquire riches, keep in mind…money is a means, not an end. If you spend you life chasing money, you may finally attain it, but have idea for why. That’s why the vision is so important. You have to connect  to that future you, that has attained everything you set our for. The happy, healthy, fulfilled version of yourself.

Using that as a tool, pull you towards your goal and anchor your energy with the you that you envision yourself to be. Draw on the state of the future self, and change your current situation. Keep the authentic journey, YOUR VISION, at the front of your mind when things get tough. It will guarantee to help you weather any storms and make the process that much more enjoyable. 

with love, 


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